Ts & Cs


The great news is, you may use each osteopathy treatment as and when necessary. There is no time limit! 

Once you have paid, you are free to use your discounted appointments as often as you like, or save them for check ups. 

Appointment fees are inflation proof. If we increase our prices, your discount package will not be affected. 

The only terms are:

Payment is to be taken in full for the option you would like.

The discount package is non-refundable.

Patients and Insurance Providers

Our Policy

As of 2017 we’ve had a new protocol in place when dealing with insurance providers.

Please inform the team when booking your appointment that you would like to use your insurance provider. There are many and we need to ensure we do have a provider agreement in place.

Patients are required to pay for their appointments. The practice will then issue a paid receipt (pdf) via email, which will enable you to claim the amount back from your insurance provider.

Please understand that patients have vastly different policies in place, leaving us to deal with policy excesses and partial payments that frankly have nothing to do with the practice. 

The reason for this is because of lengthy payment processes and mistakes, which leave the practice with considerable unpaid administration costs.

We act as a provider to

Insurance Companies

  • Aviva
  • Vitality
  • Cigna
  • WPA
  • HSA
  • Exeter Friendly
  • Standard Life
  • Allianz Medical