Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations - £30.00 (15-20 Minutes)

A message from Dellus @ The Harmony Pain Relief & Injury Clinic - Osteopath London Bridge 

I sincerely hope you are safe and well. 

It is rare that you ever hear from me, in fact it’s never. It’s just not our style!

In these unprecedented times I’d like to let you know that as of Monday we’ll be offering phone consultations via face time or what’s app. 

As we would in a normal consultation we can discuss the issue, talk you through a series of tests and come up with a management plan as to how you can help fix or manage the problem. 

The internet and apps have a wealth of drills as videos we can utilise to keep you tip top! As always, all done with a sprinkle of northern charm 🤪

As per usual just send a message via text or what’s appt to schedule an appointment. 

Sometimes people just need some guidance, reassurance and a game plan. 

Phone Consultations - £30.00 (~ 15 minute appointments) 

Additionally I do have the ability to go mobile, if after all it’s the integrated approach of Osteopathy, Dry Needling and Knowledge that’s required. 

This option though will depend on proximity, your honest evaluation if you might be ill and the very possibility of a city lockdown. 

Over the years we have treated what the government determines to be key workers. 

Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, Firefighters, Military, plus those responsible for maintaining our infrastructure and logistics. 

I fully intend to keep them going, so they can continue doing the brilliant jobs they are all doing. 

I’d like to leave you with one last thing. 

If you genuinely can’t afford a phone consultation because of the scenario we have in front of us and your in dyer need of guidance. 

Please be honest, state so and I will help you regardless!

Best Wishes


Phone Consultations via Face Time includes:

Case History, Assessment, Management Plan

For the foreseeable future, due to exceptional circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we will be offering phone consultations.

*Please what’s app or text to arrange a suitable time in advance*

Phone Consultations will require advance payment.


We accept bank transfers or we are able to send a payment link for card transactions.


What We Treat

  • Joint Pain 
  • Muscular Aches, Strains & Pulls
  • Neck, Upper & Low Back Pain
  • Stiffness & Tension
  • Shoulder Problems
  • Performance & Preparation for Events


How We Work

Osteopathic treatment is safe and works on muscles, joints and the nervous system. 

Osteopaths treat the body as a whole unit and considers all aspects of the patient's life.

Our practitioners use an integrated approach combining structural techniques such as joint articulation, manipulation, soft tissue massage, and dry needling techniques. 

All combined with a sprinkle of Northern charm.



We take pride in working with people, and will aim to give you an honest prognosis.

Working together most things are reasonable to fix. We aim to provide a treatment plan as if it were us on the treatment table. 

Asking the question what would we do in this situation usually points the quickest and correct path to recovery.


The Practice

The practice has now been established for eleven years at London Bridge and has blossomed since first laying down its roots in 2008. 

We are ideally located next to London Bridge Overground and Underground Stations.

07729 431 544

Calling not your thing? 

Below you will find an order of preference and how you will receive the quickest response. 

  • Whats App
  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • VMail

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