At the initial consultation a thorough case history is taken, followed by a detailed examination of your posture, muscles, ligaments, and joints. 

All of your movements will be observed in detail, and this information will be used to provide a diagnosis.  

Once a diagnosis is reached, we will then use a wide range of manual techniques, for example soft tissue massage and manipulations, to help improve function and provide pain relief. 

Soft Tissue Techniques

This treats tight painful muscle tissues which restrict normal flexibility and co-ordination. Treatment directly stretches the muscles fibres as well as breaking adhesions within the tissues. 

Direct pressure and stretching of the muscle stimulate small nerve endings within the tendons which through a reflex action lead to relaxation of the muscle fibres.

It is also possible to remove particular localised trigger-points within muscle – these are areas of tender tissue which adversely affect the local nerve structures and which ‘refer’ pain to other areas of the body. 

Additionally, following tears and strains, direct soft tissue work can break down scar tissue and restore the proper alignment the muscle fibres.


Rhythmical motion carried out on a joint to improve its quality and range of movement. The motion gently stretches the tissues surrounding the joint, as well as creating a pumping action to improve the blood supply to the area and aid reduction of inflammatory products.


A precise skilled technique performed to a joint to improve its mobility. This can free adhesions within the joint, restoring a lost range of motion. 

The technique affects the sensory nerve endings within the lining of the joint resetting local neurological reflexes, bringing local muscular relaxation and increased blood flow to the area.

Further Treatment

While osteopathic treatment will work well in the great majority of cases, in some cases it may be necessary to supplement it with further treatment, such as medication, referral for scans or blood tests or, in the worst cases, surgery.