Reebok Fitness Championship 2012

The Reebok Fitness Championship was held in Birmingham. After a week of low intensity training post regionals I was excited to be competing again. The body was a little beat up due to the week prior, however I was generally feeling physically good and looking forward to being in front of the Eurosport cameras. My parents were driving down to watch me compete for the first time, so I was definitely focused on performing well. I decided to travel down in a bit of luxury via 1st class train with Virgin. £15.00 for a comfy seat, free cups of tea and wifi. Happy Days!

On arrival I was a little dubious regarding the organisation of the competition, due to the three qualifying rounds which seemed to encounter a range of teething problems. Overall I was pleasantly surprised, the day was run smoothly, efficiently and most importantly on time. It involved four workouts in total with cuts made after the first two and a further cut after the third, the fourth workout being the final.

The four workouts were all very light in comparison with other competitions, which meant that it would be all about who had the biggest engine.

[WOD 1: 5-1 Run round the rig; Clean & Jerks 55-75Kg]
[WOD 2: 4 Rounds of- 10 Ring Dips, 15 Wall Ball, 20 Box Jumps @ 24"]
[WOD 3: 20 Dead lifts @ 90Kg; 10 Jump over the Box; 30 Cal Row
20 Dead lifts @ 90Kg; 10 Jump over the Box; 100 Double Unders
20 Dead lifts @ 90Kg; 10 Jump over the Box; 30 Burpees]
[WOD 4: 21-15-9 Squat Snatch; Chest to Bar Pull Ups then 2 Sand bag laps]

I had a great time over the day, all the athletes were very friendly and supportive of each other. I remember chatting strategy with several athletes over the day, of which we didn't get much time to rest due to the quick turn around between each workout.

The final was by far my favourite workout. I was sat in fourth place going in but felt very relaxed. I had already decided that winning the workout at all costs was my strategy, leaving nothing to chance to get a podium spot.

It sucked bad! The previous 3 workouts were taking their toll on the body and every single rep hurt. I managed to get to the pull ups first and then keep the lead throughout. Easing off the gas never entered the equation so I was pleased when it appeared to extend the lead. The last set of pull ups was tough breaking them into a 3, 2, 2, 2 before picking up the sand bag again upping the pace leaving nothing on the stage and winning the final workout. I was chuffed as this gave me 3rd overall, Paul and Leigh certainly earned 1st and 2nd respectively.

This competition made me realise that the talent pool of CrossFit athletes is getting larger and larger, meaning that regionals is going to get harder each year. These guys are in tremendous shape, which has motivated me to train harder still. The added bonus of doing several interviews for Eurosport has opened my eyes to how much potential CrossFit has at becoming more main stream.

Here is a link to one of them:

The positives here were that I didn't sound like a footballer on interview. Although it did kick me up the arse to get the barnet chopped - which has been since :)