The 'Wee' Accident

Disclaimer “I'm not the greatest writer, I'm more of a numbers man. One thing I've learnt from all the CrossFit is, if you are rubbish at a particular skill you have to work at it. I'll apologise in advance for the grammatical errors.” - Dellus West 2012 - Osteopath London Bridge


After having done the most ridiculous thing you have done for a while, you will experience that feeling one gets in the pit of your stomach, making you unable to know where to put yourself. Two weeks ago I experienced that very feeling!

After visiting my osteopath/acupuncturist and jumping back on the jubilee line for a noon patient, in my haste forgot to make the standard toilet stop before the train. School boy error as they say, and as a consequence I was busting for a piss. Luckily the osteopathy practice isn't far from London Bridge station, so a bit of grit and I'd make the urinals.

Of the two urinals available, to my dismay a lunch time gym bunny was taking up more of his fair share of trough space. One and a half to be exact, ungentlemanly conduct to say the least. After barging my way in and getting set up to go, the unthinkable happened. I lost grip! Seeing as though I was busting, the pressure caused aim to veer off to the left and I emptied my bladder over the hogger's bare leg, sock and shoe.

After regathering control and still mid flow there was nothing I could do except hold back tears of laughter and wait for the punch on the chin. I think a free hit was thoroughly deserved. I just couldn't believe what had happened.

The guy I'd just urinated on took it incredibly well, in fact he burst out laughing asking "was you desperate mate?" After apologising profusely I hoped that he didn't happen to be my next patient. I have to say the gent took it like a true legend, who knows maybe it had happened to him before! I told my next patient what had happened which he found hilarious for the next hour, erupting into laughter every 15 minutes or so.

Would love to hear of the ridiculous stories any of this blogs' readers have done recently. Don't be shy, make us all laugh...

In other news, I just got back from a short 4 day break in Mallorca. The sun was amazing and I had chance to catch up with a buddy of mine Rob Martin at CrossFit Mallorca. If any of you guys take a short break to the sunny island, be sure to look him up and go train there. The guy is a beast to workout with and awesome host.


Training with the guys @ CrossFit Mallorca