Be Your Own Body Guard Self Defence Seminar

Disclaimer “I'm not the greatest writer, I'm more of a numbers man. One thing I've learnt from all the CrossFit is, if you are rubbish at a particular skill you have to work at it. I'll apologise in advance for the grammatical errors.” - Dellus West 2012 - Osteopath London Bridge


This weekend provided a great seminar with Tony Blauer on his S.P.E.A.R System and an introduction on being your own bodyguard. Being able to defend myself, family and friends if the time were ever to arise, has always been a high priority.


The morning commenced with a series of short lectures delivered with Tony's tongue-in-cheek personality. It included the importance of psychology, fear management and behaviour tactics. In summary when faced with a scenario the motivation to fight back takes a great deal of positive processing and beliefs in our own ability to succeed.


Here is a video on his Cycle of Behaviour Theory.



Personal Benefits


Growing up I was taught to box and during my teens played rugby, which did a pretty good job getting my body used to a bit of impact. Over the years I've had a few scuffles but nothing serious - It's been more 'handbags at ten paces'. One particular incident I'm not ashamed to admit left me in shock, frozen and unable to make a decision. And every now and again when the thought resurfaces, I get pissed at myself about it (but it's probably a 'macho' thing). The Cycle of Behaviour theory gave an excellent explanation as to why we freeze in panic and are unable to make decisions. And now thinking back, it was probably the best thing that happened.


The afternoon got us up on our feet an introduced to the 'flinch reaction', and how to use our body's physiological response to danger to our advantage. What I liked about it was that it had good justifications as to why the system was effective, not just several ways of being able to choke your attacker out, break an arm, throw a punch or gauge an eye out. I'm aware you have to go away and drill these methods until they become more second nature.


We practised scenarios such as defending punches, headlocks, tackles and to most people's surprise, learnt to stick with the attacker to inflict your own 'damage' before safely escaping the situation.


Respond during Round 1, not stepping back and allowing Round 2!


If you have been thinking about attending a self defence seminar, I would certainly recommend Tony Blauer & his S.P.E.A.R system.


If you would like a female perspective on the seminar please read