Weeks 4 & 5

 Well guys fantastic two weeks on the food front. Its become so easy! My sugar cravings are negligible. We are rid of the high juice with my water and I have to admit I just crave water.


Training has been going great as well. Week 4 included 5 days of training, doing a strength workout followed by a metabolic conditioning workout. E.g. 1 rep max back squat, then 20 minutes; as many rounds as possible of: 10 x dead-lift, 7 x hang power cleans, 5 x thrusters.


Week 5 has been of the same format. I feel like I need a change with my training program but Monday-Friday is a great little routine to get into and really facilitates getting to the gym. A weeks holiday next week will provide a different training schedule, routine and make me use the out doors. Very Blair Morrison! A change in scenery will be fantastic, a new challenge without the usual gym equipment I've been so spoilt with.


Fat Percentage Measurements


Skin Fold            Week 4 (mm)                  Week 5 (mm)


Chin                        5.4                                       6.0

Cheek                     9.2                                       9.2

Pectoral                  9.8                                       9.2

Triceps                   4.3                                       4.6

Sub-Scapula           10.5                                     10.4

Mid-Axillary          10.0                                     11.2

Supra-Iliac              19.2                                    19.0

Umbilical                 19.0                                    22.0

Knee                       7.0                                       7.1

Calf                         7.4                                       6.8

Quad                       9.5                                       7.5

Hamstring              16.2                                     17.0


Total Fat (%)        16.7                                      16.2



16.2% :) pleasing news! We are slowly chiselling away the body fat. 1.2% off in about 3 weeks. I think the aim is to hit 1% a week, so I think I'm just going to have to work that little bit harder. I'm coming to the end of my insulin protocol supplementation. The new readings suggest a different protocol, however I think I'm going to see how my body reacts to a holiday before deciding on my next steps.


Onwards & Upwards!