Nutrition = A+

 Firstly I would like to apologies for my next instalment in my blog being two weeks apart. I have excuses but they mean nothing. The last two weeks however has drawn positives, providing reflection, grit and determination. Sugar cravings have been a real challenge to beat. I have to say I'm doing well and I think my body structure reflects on all the effort.


Last week I took delivery of my insulin protocol dietary supplements costing in the region of £200.00 +/- £20.00. The task seemed daunting when analysing the level of discipline I had to achieve. I'll be pleased to report I don't regret spending a penny.

Biosignature dietary supplements have provided what I believe are the added changes in my body structure. We are only at week 1 but I already notice there being a little less love handle. I feel great, combining the two has certainly worked well. The only thing I have noticed is the change in colour of my urine. Super yellow! I have been drinking the best part of 2-3 litres of water a day religiously, however I was reassured it was merely the excess B vitamins just passing out of my system. I didn't bother me much I knew I wasn't dehydrated.


Metabolic Typing is going strong, now three weeks in. Week 2 was by far the most difficult week to master. Cravings, cravings, cravings! It seemed as though the green & blacks chocolate bars where following me around everywhere. Come week 3 things got easy, I just didn't crave any more nor did I feel as hungry as I previously had. I was following my diet plan meticulously, buying good quality foods and only foods that I had on my diet sheet. I do feel a little sorry for Lara though, her diet sheet allows her to eat pretty much everything and she has been catering for me quite a lot seeing as though we eat together for breakfast and dinner.


My training routine hasn't changed, I'm still hitting it hard in the gym. Week 1 included 6 days training with a day off, week 2 provided 5 days training with 2 days off at the weekend, with this pattern repeated on week 3. I suspect this will follow through this week as well, week 4.


I aiming to have a re-check on the fat bat for you all this week. Lets see if those fat percentage values have really come down. I'd be very surprised if I haven't shifted a good 2/3% in the last 3 weeks.