Metabolic Typing Day 4

I believe the new diet has gone well today, I've been as strict as I can but it hasn't been easy.  My breakfast was full on and seemed to last me most of the day.  I'm not quite sure if its a good thing, so I think I'm going to speak to Ricardo (Harmony Nutrition Guru) and see where we can improve.  I felt extremely tired by 3 o'clock and this was when lunch was.



3 x 95% Pork Sausages cooked in organic butter (Taste the Difference Sausages)

2 x Scrambled Egg cooked in organic coconut oil (Free Range - Borough Market) + unpasteurised whipped cream

1/2 an Avocado

Table spoon of unpasteurised goat’s curd



2 x Apple + Organic Peanut Butter (1 bite of apple, 1 tea spoon of peanut butter)

2 x Tea spoon unpasteurised whipped cream



1000m Row, 50 x 20Kg Thrusters, 30 x Pull ups.

[10 x Burpees, 10 x Handstand Push ups, 1 x 15ft rope climb] x 3 



Pork Mince in a satay sauce with asparagus

Desert - Bananas in coconut milk.


The Body Measurements are in!  

I would like to introduce Charles Poliquin & Bio-signature.  

We will be promoting Bio-signature from our nutrition aspect of our website in the up coming weeks. He targets 12 points on the body to assess fat measurements to produce an overall body fat percentage.  Areas in which show up as the highest measurements are linked to hormonal balances.  A protocol is introduced to focus on that specific area e.g.  I have high supra-iliac and umbilical measurements.   This is linked to insulin and cortisol (sugar & stress levels).

I've now included a specific insulin protocol to target lowering my body fat percentage in these areas and balancing out hormonal differences.  It’s going to involve high quality supplements, which I will post when I receive them. {Hard to succinctly summarise so please check out the link}

I have to say I'm very surprised!

Weight 77.7 Kg/171 lbs

Body Fat % ---> 17.4%

On the positive side of things if I remove these to values, my body fat percentage is 9.8%.  Time for action! 


Measurements (mm)


There is an error in the measurements, supra-iliac should be 24.0 not 32.0.  

It has been a big day today, the ground work has nearly been done.  I can't wait to get the supplements through!