Metabolic Typing

Being a firm believer in practicing what we preach, I've decided to blog for you my metabolic typing.  My girlfriend Lara has kindly agreed to do the same.

We'll be 100% honest and hopefully it will give you a bit of insight in what to expect if you were to really give it a go. 

Right now I'm keen and enthusiatic to improve on certain health goals, namely lose the pooch (Belly)  !  There isn't much of one, I'm sure my friends will argue completely AGAINST my favour (ha-ha).  Considering the amount of exercise I do and the good quality of food I try to eat, I would definitely expect to be leaner.


Here goes......


Day 1

First I filled in an online questionnaire which was extremely detailed.  It was suprising how much detail it actually goes into!  I definitely think you need to recruit the help of close friends and family, in particular when trying to find out the skin colour of my ears, and my mood after eating certian foods etc etc.

Liking the thorough detailing of it all!

Day 2

Wow!  Results back the next day!

Turns out my metabolic type is that of a fast oxidiser.  This means that I do well eating higher amounts of proteins and fats, with low starch content carbohyrates.  It recommends I eat 40% Protien, 30% Fats, 30% Carbohydrates.

The results also show I'm balanced with regards to my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the unconcious aspects of my central nervous system such as flight-fright reactions and regulation of bodily fuctions.  It also provided information that I resemble the adrenal endocrine type.

A large list of food was provided on a single sheet of landscape A4.  On this was foods listed in green,  the food which I should eat from, in bold black foods I can eat but are less desirable, in italics food I can eat but i should it on rare occasions for variety, and in red food that I should completely avoid.

Also provided, came resources detailing how to understand what I'm eating, food check lists, diet plans, do and dont's and how to get started.

So far I'm really impressed with the amount of detail the metabolic typing has givenon my diet as well as the resources on how to really understand what I eat. 

The best way I can describe it is, its as if I feel that Jose Maurinho has analysed my football skills and placed in my hands in depth details on areas I'm bad, good, how to improve and what he now expets me to achieve including short medium and long term goals.

I'm still enthusiastic!

Day 3 (Day 1 of Food Diary)

I went  to sainsburys today armed with my new shopping list.  I  was locked loaded fully intending to be super strict with myself.

JOB DONE!  Not a single thing in stock I can go against my food plan on.


3 x 95% Pork Sausages cooked in organic butter (Taste the Difference Sausages)

2 x Scrambled Egg cooked in organic coconut oil (Free Range - Borough Market)

1/2 an Avocado

Table spoon of Philadelphia

Small about of Spinach



1 x Apple, 1 x Packet of Blueberries, 2 x Bananas (Green Tipped Organic), 50g Organic Walnuts, Table Spoon Organic Peanut Butter, 1/2 Pot Organic Natural Yogurt, 1 x Packet of Blackberries.

Heading to the gym now as I have work later, but I'm going to be hit with the fat bat.  The dreaded calipers are coming out to test my body fat levels.  Last time I had this done was full flow into pre-season training with Richmond 2 years ago.  I started at 22% after just coming back from travelling Brazil (travelling used inthe loose sense, boozing & partying) and within 6 weeks I was down to 14.5%.  A further 2 weeks later  I saw a 12.8% reading, which to-date is the lowest body fat percentage I've ever accurately recorded.  I weighed in at 85Kg back then, so I'll get you a fresh body weight measurement as well. 


Lara’s Blog

When Dellus first introduced me to Metabolic Typing (MT) I honestly thought he was MAD! As far as I was concerned we already ate good quality, healthy foods/meals and I never linked symptoms of bloating or mood swings to the type/quality of food I ate, but more to the quantity!

I confess I’ve always been (as the MT refers to as) a person who ‘lives to eat’, and I often have cravings or need to snack between meals. And so when Dell mentioned he wanted to take his diet that ‘one step further, be strict with foods and lose his pooch for good’, my initial feelings were of horror!

Currently being in a stressful period with final exams…I wasn’t quick to decide whether I’d fully commit to the MT and thought that I would need some form of mental preparation and de-stressing first... BUT with a bit (or rather a lot) of persuasion, and having been informed that the foods I eat most probably exacerbate my stress as well as cravings for comfort foods, now would be the best time to do it, and so here it goes…


The questionnaire was completed and the results were in…

It turns out I’m a: Fast Oxidiser/Protein type; Parasympathetic Dominant.

This means I, similarly to Dell, do well on high protein and fat with low carbohydrate ratios. The results also state that my body type resembles a Thyroid type.



The dietary plan I have for my MT is vast in comparison to Dell’s… and I can eat most things so long as I balance my meals at a ratio (%) of Protein 40: Carb 30: Fat 30.


Week 1: This week has been amusing to say the least – imagine walking around a supermarket with your partner, diet plans in hand, picking up foods and checking both your plans to see if it’s something you can both eat or not. We definitely had the occasional uncanny glance from shoppers. But needless to say, it has so far been worth it…!


Despite being only 4 days into the MT I’ve already started to notice a change in my body shape. I feel a lot leaner, more energetic & have fewer cravings throughout the day. The MT has not been easy with regards to lunch though. Lunch for me has been the biggest hurdle, as unless you’re willing to spend a lot for lunch and having the hassle of scouting the shop for good quality meat and then trying to balance that with carbs and fat, you need to prepare in advance.

Typically I eat:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2-3 chipolatas, 2 mushrooms & ½ avocado; cooked in coconut oil.

Lunch: Apple/Pear, handful of nuts (walnuts/almonds/cashew), cottage cheese with honey. Or portion of organic oat & nut muesli with full fat milk and boiled egg.

Dinner: Mince meat/ Steak (rarely)/ Chicken with sweet potato, asparagus/beans, spinach & cheese.

 With regards to exercise I’ve had to cut down my usual 3x a week CrossFit to just 2x and instead substitute a stretching session to balance my autonomic system, i.e. reduce stress levels, as doing high intensity/output workouts when stressed will over-exhaust my body.  


Think we're going to start a blog for Lara and just link in to save the essay