Can I have a Gary Barlow please......




Well my monthly blog post I was determined to rock, has become a seventh month instalment. No gold stars been given here! On a positive note we have managed to hold three stretching & mobility seminars for athletes in the last six months. 

Alex & Brian from CrossFit Tonbridge and CrossFit Central London have been asking for a while to impart some knowledge to their budding fitness crews. We also decided to get smart and film the seminar so we  could throw some clips out there to our friends over the internet. The man for this job was Alex Haines. If you need educational, marketing or sales material filmed, edited and made professionally - hire this guy!

I can hear brains ticking over now, 'Yeah ok Dell! Its a marketing job with the videos.' Mr. Speaker, I categorically state that not everything is as it seems, and here is my logic: I've always admired a person who can speak publicly. The way they are able to explain, argue and convey a point across with consummate ease. I'd definitely take a course in the art of public speaking. 

Assuming that like everything it is practise, I figured if I filmed it I could watch it back, learn from the positives and negatives and make the next one better. Here are couple of snippets. More will follow in the upcoming weeks which will be educational on how to go about stretching areas.

Turns out it makes good marketing material too. Ha ;-)

Lows & Highs

Low - A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to get the barnet chopped. I fancied a new do, so when the hairdresser asked what I wanted, I straight up asked for a 'Gary Barlow'. Safe to say he rolled on the floor laughing. Turns out city wankers, sorry I mean't bankers, are particular about their short back and sides.

High - Gary Barlow what a legend! You have got to love this song.