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Weeks 4 & 5

 Well guys fantastic two weeks on the food front. Its become so easy! My sugar cravings are negligible. We are rid of the high juice with my water and I have to admit I just crave water.


Nutrition = A+

 Firstly I would like to apologies for my next instalment in my blog being two weeks apart. I have excuses but they mean nothing. The last two weeks however has drawn positives, providing reflection, grit and determination. Sugar cravings have been a real challenge to beat. I have to say I'm doing well and I think my body structure reflects on all the effort.


Metabolic Typing Day 4

I believe the new diet has gone well today, I've been as strict as I can but it hasn't been easy.  My breakfast was full on and seemed to last me most of the day.  I'm not quite sure if its a good thing, so I think I'm going to speak to Ricardo (Harmony Nutrition Guru) and see where we can improve.  I felt extremely tired by 3 o'clock and this was when lunch was.


Metabolic Typing

Being a firm believer in practicing what we preach, I've decided to blog for you my metabolic typing.  My girlfriend Lara has kindly agreed to do the same.

We'll be 100% honest and hopefully it will give you a bit of insight in what to expect if you were to really give it a go. 

Interesting Article

This weekend I had an in depth discussion with a family member regarding medical theories, research and medication.  Our views were opposite to some degree, but I just wanted to highlight some simple ideas on how becoming more well read on a subject will help to inform and allow for better judgement.  The discussion  was related to what popular belief was on diets, medication and the way in which products are advertised.

Congratulations Blair Morrison

I had the pleasure of training with Blair on his quest through Europe.
Blair recently headed off to the Crossfit European qualifiers, needing to be 1 of 3 men who would enter the Games in California in July.
He positioned 1st over 5 workouts, finishing:
  • Run- 3rd
  • AMRAP overhead- 3rd
  • Over head Carry- 1st
  • Run- Couplet- Run- 1st
  • Finale- 4th

Get Lean!

This looks informative and nicely summaries ways to get lean
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